Museum of the Microstar

The Museum of the Microstar is a Tech Demo and Interactive Narrative Short by RUST LTD., Josh Ols, and Arthur Brusee. The piece demonstrates DX11 Tessellation Shaders, GPU Simulated Particles, and a physically‐based shading model, in a massive sci‐fi museum of mankind’s disastrous quest towards technological advancement.


Download Links

Standard Edition (386MB)!fEEAAbpS!NTrF8FvYOL4Hk1CBoS1FTlKLKKwm8p4wOaYjJr5rJg8

Oculus Rift Edition (386MB)!akYXAbxI!U2CDiSCBaJ5wHXH9yp7LpxLNOi5rxU8pFesQ_qNq6m4

Mirror1 - Gamefront:

Mirror2 - Dropbox:


Anton Hand ‐ Game Direction, 3D Art, Visual Effects

Adam Liszkiewicz ‐ Narrative Design, Writing

Lucas Miller ‐ Graphic Design, Writing

Luke Noonan ‐ Development, Sound Design, Writing, Narration

Joshua Ols ‐ Shader Development

Arthur Brusee ‐ Particle System Development