RUST is a creative studio currently based in Los Angeles (CA), Lansing (MI), and Rochester (NY.) We specialize in design, prototyping, consultation, and development for video games, VR experiences, data visualizations, board/card games, and tech demos - but we're also open to other cool stuff, too.




Virtual Reality

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

RUST's highly reviewed VR sandbox game, combining all of America's favorite pasttimes — throwing hand-held bombs, eating tube-shaped meat, and lobbing equine footwear. H3VR (for short), is the heaping pile of our mad obsessive VR experiments. This is very much an impressionistically developed experience, so expect it to mutate, expand, contract, somersault, and occasionally explode along the way to final release.


Tech Demo

Museum of the Microstar

Winner of Unity’s DirectX 11 Competition, The Museum of the Microstar is a tech demo and interactive narrative short demonstrating DX11 Tessellation Shaders, GPU Simulated Particles, and a physically‐based shading model, in a massive sci‐fi museum of mankind’s disastrous quest towards technological advancement.


Virtual Reality / Desktop

Typing Simulator

Typing Simulator is not a game, it's the future... of typing. Learn to type. Get fast. High scores, leader-boards and speed running, all in VR.


Desktop / Steam Deck


Build a gourmet sausage brand as a young, hungry entrepreneur (with a side hustle exterminating goblins.) Dunderbeck is a frantic inventory management auto-battler, with a deep crafting system.