Adventures in Virtual Reality

On friday, we were fortunate enough to receive our hot-off-the-presses Oculus Rift Dev Unit, and have been furiously working with it, and by that I mean we've been playing a ton of TF2 in VR mode. In between sessions of circle-strafing as scout, and the resultant bouts of motion sickness, we've patched (with duct tape and hope) the OVR Unity Package into our recent project: Museum of the Microstar.

And so we present to you, Museum of the Microstar - Oculus Rift Edition

Download links (400mb download) - Make sure to read the ReadMe in full!!akYXAbxI!U2CDiSCBaJ5wHXH9yp7LpxLNOi5rxU8pFesQ_qNq6m4

Mirror1 - AmazonS3:

Mirror2 - Gamefront:

Mirror3 - Dropbox: