Who is RUST

Founded in Buffalo NY and currently based in Los Angeles CA, RUST LTD's core team are experts in game design, prototyping, and development. We have experience designing board/card games, ARG's, videogames, visualizations and tech demos in the PC and mobile spaces. 

In addition to the core team, RUST LTD also maintains a network of consultants and affiliates comprised of technical researchers and other experts. This network allows RUST LTD to be flexible in approaching every project, drawing on just the right expertise as needed.

Alloy 2.0 Elemental Sword Demo

We've just released our latest little demo, built to show off our upcoming Alloy 2.0 update, used alongside some of our favorite assets from the Unity Asset Store. You can either check out the video above, or download it for yourself to try out!


Click Here to Download the Demo!
(Windows and a DX11 GPU required)