Hire Us

Does RUST LTD do contract work?

In addition to our independent projects, we are always interested in exploring new contracting opportunities. Contract work provides us with fresh and interesting challenges, and it also provides us with money. RUST LTD enjoys money.

What services does RUST LTD offer?

We are all designers, first and foremost, and we focus particularly on designing interactive digital experiences. That said, we are experts in a wide range of technical and conceptual areas:

  • Creative, Technical, and Workflow Consulting

  • Digital and Analog Game Design

  • Prototyping

  • Worldbuilding

  • Narrative Design

  • Serious Games

  • Art Direction

  • Sound Design

  • Wolf Wrangling

What really excites us is creating new experiences, solving problems, and exploring new platforms. We love hearing about new, innovative projects.

Do you design games for hire?

Absolutely! We have been hired to work on a wide variety of games and interactive experiences, including a serious card game, an isometric strategy game, a narrative mobile game for health, and a 3D virtual amusement park ride, just to name a few.

Do you design and develop websites?

While we wouldn’t call ourselves a “web design studio”, we do have experience designing and developing websites. In the past, we have designed everything from industrial grade e-commerce platforms to tiny microsites, and we do all of our own internal web design and development (including this very site). We do occasionally take on web design and development contract work, especially as a component of a larger client project.

Can you make mobile stuff?

We can, and we do, but we are pretty selective about the mobile projects we take on. If you’re “just looking for an iOS ninja” to execute your “awesome idea”, or if you want “a guaranteed F2P app store hit which maximizes MAU and ARPDAU,” we are not the droids you are looking for. But if you need help designing an innovative, experimental app that (for example) drives a narrative experience by tagging media with geolocational information, we’ve done that before and we can probably help.

Can you help us with narrative design and worldbuilding?

Yes! Worldbuilding and Narrative Design are growing fields, and we’re particularly well qualified to help in these areas. We’ve designed and taught several courses in these areas, we’ve been hired to work on projects in these areas, and we made Museum of the Microstar, (which you should like totally play)

Can you do Flash / Silverlight / Ruby / Swift / Fortran / Haskell / etc. development?

No. (But seriously, if its important to use a particular programming language, you can likely find better people to build it for you. We have used lots of programming languages and development environments so if you are not married to a specific language we can likely meet your needs. When in doubt contact us and we would be happy to take a look at your situation.)

Do you do custom hardware?

We don’t design or manufacture custom hardware, but we love exploring new platforms. We have done projects ranging from a Multi-screen CAVE with a Vicon tracking system, to touch screen data visualizations for public lobbies, to amusement park attractions. We have done work with consumer hardware including, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and Microsoft Kinect and are always looking at new platforms to play with.

What if we just want some advice and neat ideas?

We really like doing consulting. (Anything that doesn't require beating our heads against Maya or debugging shader code is a welcome relief.) We regularly meet with studios to talk about production workflows and we all love to guest lecture in classes and talk on conference panels. If you are interested in bringing some or all of us in to talk to your company, your class, or your conference drop us a line over on the contact page.

How do I hire RUST?

The short answer is drop us a line over on the contact page. Though before you do that, you might like to take a minute to think about this list of the questions we are almost surely going to ask:

  • Who are you? Our work is rarely a one size fits all sort of affair so we need to know who we are working with. Are you an individual or a company? How many people do you employ? Where are you located? How do you make your money?

  • What is your project? Can you describe it in a sentence? The more you can tell us about the project and specifically, what do you need us for, the better. Is it your project or are you subcontracting? Is it building on previous work? What does the market look like?

  • What part of the process are you in? Are you evaluating project feasibility, has production started or are you looking for targeted help on a mostly finished project?

  • What is your budget? We do all kinds of projects for all kinds of budgets, but if we are going to go through the process of putting together a bid for you, you can save both us and more importantly yourself some time by letting us know how much you are looking to spend. We know you can’t always give specifics, a range is fine. If you have a hard limit we can try to scope things to fit within that budget.

  • What is your schedule? We can’t put together a bid without knowing how soon do you need this done by. Is there some show or event that you need it by or is there a more flexible timetable? This is especially crucial if it is a rush project. If you need your VR experience done in a month, and we are booked, we want to let you know as early as possible.

  • Who will we be working with? Knowing who we will be interfacing with on your side will help us scope our project management requirements. Will we be working directly with anyone in your company? Who needs to sign off on everything and when? Whether or not we have to get approval from your board of directors at every step will affect how fast we can iterate and work through ideas. Will it be integrated with your existing products, by who? Who will be handling sales/marketing, someone internal to your company or some third party? We play well with others but team management and communication is hard work so we want to be able to plan for it.

  • What does the selection process look like on your end? How many people are you talking to? When do plan on making your decision? Other things like who our contact person will be and what sort of materials will you need from us are also good to know. We want to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision, but putting together proposals and scheduling calls takes time and energy for both of us so the more efficient we can be about it the better.

This list may seem overwhelming but don’t worry, we are not expecting you to have all the answers up front. We have found that giving you a chance to collect this information ahead of time can help speed up the whole process.